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Synsport is constantly striving to innovate and improve existing products as well as find solutions to common synthetic grass problems. Since synthetic grass is so popular in homes and gardens throughout South Africa the stench of dog urine radiating from the grass has become a common issue with no guaranteed solution.

We are proud to introduce a new synthetic grass product called PETSCAPE which we believe is the answer to this worldwide problem. The specialized turf along with a free draining stone base and soak away drainage system ensures that animal urine drains through the turf and through the base away from the surface as quickly as possible.

What makes PETSCAPE different to normal synthetic grass?

  1. PETSCAPE yarn undergoes an antibiosis treatment meaning it does not allow bacteria to live and breed on the yarn itself.
  2. PETSCAPE makes use of a woven backing with carboxylate coating which allows free draining through the turf where as traditional turf backing is coated with a latex spray limiting drainage and absorbing urine resulting in an odour.

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