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Edgewood 43


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Design: Plank design 100cm x 20cm

Description: Light Commercial Vinyl Sheeting

Further Info: Rolls 4.00m Wide

Cityscapes is a luxury cushion vinyl, suitable for residential and light commercial applications. Made in Belgium by IVC, one of the world leaders in cushion vinyl manufacturing. Our range includes authentic wood-plank designs, trendy herringbone block design as well as tile and concrete looks. 4.00m wide sheeting means reduced joins and a beautifully elegant finish. A compact backing and PU wear layer makes this floor suitable for light commercial areas. It has been popular from high-end residential through to medical and retirement complexes. Highly durable, but softer and warmer than ceramics – Cityscapes offers exceptional value that meets European standards in acoustics, air-quality, slip-resistance and wear– without compromising on design.  

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