Seaside Oak


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Think Big, Effortless Elegance.

Original durability made in Scandinavia.  Pergo invented the very first laminate floor, and with it a whole new category of durable flooring.  Ever since, we have continued to drive innovation in laminate flooring, as well as across our entire range of flooring.

100% Water Resistant – With Aqua-Safe technology Pergo sets the new standard for laminates when it coms to water resistance.  Aqua-Safe creates a sealed surface – all the way down to the bevels – efficiently preventing water from penetrating the floor.  The result? Water, dirt and stains stay on the surface and can easily be wiped off.  As a bonus of being water resistant, floors are also hygiene and easy to maintain.

Pergo Wide Long offers a 10 year wet guarantee !

Exuding pure luxury, this floor, fit for a castle which makes the most of every space.

The illusion of extra space enhances spaciousness in any area.

With AquaSafe, this floor can be installed in wet areas for worry free living.

The 4 way pressed bevel is perfectly adapted to the character of the floor.  The colour, design, and structure of the plank are visible right throughout the bevel which differentiates from a regular V Groove laminate.

Pergo Sensation

  • Extra Long & Extra Wide Planks
  • 2050 x 240 x 9.5mm
  • Class 32 / AC4
  • Aqua Safe Board
  • Perfect Fold 3.0-click
  • 2.952m2 / pack
  • 6 planks / pack
  • 4 way bevel
  • Ecolabel

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